Monday, September 13, 2010

The Truth is Out There

For all you science people out there, heres a questions:

What happens if we could send a ship past the expansion of the universe? What would be out there? So if our model of the universe is correct, it begins with a big bang and the universe begins to expand, to this day it is still expanding but it is slowing down, so if we could travel the speed of light we could reach it via traveling through wormholes and then just catching up (or if we could go faster than the speed of light, which I've been told is highly improbable)

So 2 things arise, if the expansion is slowing, there must be some type of force out there that is slowing down the speed of the blast. So what kind of force would it be? I know some people believe that the universe could actually compact again and basically go back to year zero, so secondly is this force pushing back on us or just an obstacle in space?

I guess this article could solve most of the questions:

But any theories?

Ch. 1

Been a while since I last posted. But heres some updates: went to georgetown took one summer session realized it wasnt for me and now im back in cali, was referred a job from a friend and am now working there, and in the meantime just moved to LA and still setting up. Thats it for now, but will update my blog more...I hope

Saturday, March 13, 2010

LOOK ME IN THE EYES!!...u need a friend?

Just saw Brooklyns Finest,
Great movie, loved it. Cinematography was great, story line was good. Only thing that made me go why? was the ending and how dramatic fuqua made it. One of the things I didnt like was the use of music in this movie, it seemed to play throughout the movie, to create mood and such, it does a great job, dont get me wrong, but it just seems to be too much. Although the Audio is great because its like surround hearing not just: this then that. Ending feels kinda rushed but the outcome was awesome. This movie is like hardcore police life, even though cops are vilified in the movie, there is still a human aspect to the characters, that drives the story forward

Hawke: Got what his family wanted, Cheadle: Becomes his new life, Gere: Refinds his passion
Thats kind of a spoiler but not really.

Grade: A
Bluray: This one is highly likely

Friday, March 12, 2010


For some reason today at work has been relatively slow. Now im on a coworkers comp that has internet access and im just working on my yelp reviews. What else to blog about. Saw some movies recently.

Great movie, story line is kind of normal not as exhilarating as recent movies, but the graphics and idea of the story is genius. The idea of using the computer as a place of discovery and using its world as the world and then setting inside a video game software company was great. The visual were eyepopping it almost made me believe that this was the Avatar of the 80s. I liked how basically it was a black n white movie just with colors of red and blue. The city scape and world reminded me of those in Metropolis that were constructed by Mr. Fritz. Also Jeff Bridges is in it, and all i can see is the Dude in his younger years lol. Now waiting for the 2nd one, dont know how the story will work but the gorgeous Olivia Wilde is in it, and thats good enough.

Bluray?: Would consider

Inglorious Basterds:
A great QT movie. I think it rivals Pulp Fiction and blows Kill Bill out of the water. I never understood the appeal of Kill Bill, just needless revenge and the characters werent that interesting. Now this movie is character driven, period. The "Jew Hunter", lol, deserved to win his oscar. Even though some characters were ridiculous like Aldo Raine, who was just plain American as American can be. The story of the decorated sniper and Shoshanne, was great. I dont know how to explain but QT does such a good job with the little things in developing characters and thier story that it creates a great finsihed product. He builds up the soldier as a great guy and someone youd feel bad if he died. But then in one fell swoop he takes that connection away and then you wish him dead. Then when hes dead, you feel bad, but then hes not dead and you want him dead again. LOL i thought it was great. Not much interesting shots but dialogue was up to QT standards. His recent films were just his "practice" to get to Carnegie Hall, but this was as Aldo puts it his "masterpiece" I actually think this should have beat Hurt Locker for the Oscar. Given I have only seen 30 minutes of it, ill reserve judgement.

Grade: A-
Bluray: Yes, once I have money and its on sale

Sunday, February 28, 2010

shoes madness

Hi Everyone (basically only you Duke),

I am selling all of my shoes, so if you know anyone that would be interested please link them to this blog post for the pics
and like the Joker... Now here ..we ..go

Jordan 19 SE Sz 11.5 DS:

AirMax 1 Supreme (Safari: Keep Rippin Stop Slippin) Sz 11 DS:

AirMax 1 Supreme (Japanese Exclus) Sz 10 DS:

Lebron 7s AllStar Games Sz 12 DS:

Vans Sk8 His W-Taps Sz 11.5 DS:

Air Tech Challange (Agassi) Sz 11 DS:

Air Structure Triax (Infrared) Sz 12 DS:

ZKobe V (Chaos/Joker) Sz 12.5 DS:

Space Tiger SBs Sz 12 DS:

Puma GVS (Gucci CW) Sz 12 DS:

Vans Sk8 His Mr Cartoons Sz 11.5 DS:

Puma DiscBlaze Sz 11 VNDS (worn once):

Purple Pigeon SBs Sz 12 NDS (worn twice with lil creasin and a watermark):
you can see the watermark here, and the minute creasin, worn twice

Takashi 2 SBs Sz 12 DS:

PeeWees SBs Sz 11 DS:

Delta Force Deluxe 3/4th Mita Sz 12 NDS (creasin on toebox):

you can see the creasing here in this pic

Vans Sk8 His Hosoi 2s Sz 11.5 DS:

Unfutura SBs Sz 12 DS:

AirMax95 North Carolina? Sz 11 VNDS (worn once/ no signs of use):

Dunkesto Clot (HK Exclusive) Sz 12 DS:

P-Rod 2s (Easter/Simpsons) Sz 12 DS:

Adidas Crazy 1s (Kobe 1/Sunshines) Sz 12 DS:

NewCastles SBs Sz 12 DS:

That was one heck of a long post, but there it is.

If you have friends who are interested please link them to this page, I will update if sold or what not. (If you are curious they are tagged with leb120ndach0sen1 because that is my iss acct and my eBay name is leb120ndach0sen-1)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Lady Gaga on Ice

Saw this this weekend since Evan Lysacek won gold at Olympics, but this is awesome from Johnny Weir, maybe too intense and cause mind explosions

Sunday, February 21, 2010

hello on a horse

Saw this Old Spice ad during the previews of Shutter Island and it was freaking hilarious